empowering you to support your own mental health;
helping you develop the confidence and resilience
to overcome the barriers to achieving your full potential

we are a community creating tools, organising information and encouraging positive conversations about mental health

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we believe that people need more support managing their mental health. we want to empower them with tools and guidance to develop the confidence and resilience to cope with the normal stresses of life

they should have the tools to be able to manage their own mental health

the journey to positive mental wellbeing should be a source of pride, not stigma

they have diverse needs and should have access to personalised support, tailored to their own situation

they should feel comfortable having conversations about their mental health

the sidekick app is a collection of interactive exercises, tools and tips to help boost your mental wellbeing

the app enables you to build a personalised wellbeing workout and toolkit to help you deal with whatever life throws at you

Why choose Us?
play, experiment and explore a broad range of wellbeing exercises aligned to your goals
Why choose Us?
quick access to your output collection and favourite exercises
Why choose Us?
develop positive habits by designing your perfect daily workout
Why choose Us?
track your progress to gain insight into how you’re doing
Why choose Us?
get inspired by reading inspirational quotes and tips to help you boost your mental wellbeing

the sidekick community is built on six core values


supporting people to have open and honest conversations


referencing valid, replicable and evidence-based interventions


working together to develop and co-create human-centred tools


designing fun and engaging experiences


ensuring the community feels safe and assured that their data remains private


acting with compassion and without judgement